GIS Ltd. offers flexible solutions in the sphere of transport- and- logistic services. The main purposes are: maximum facilities of customers and high quality of the service.
GIS Ltd. continues to develop into express deliveries by land, which are almost fast as the air transport.

We offer express deliveries for 48 hours to everyplace in EU.

IF you give us your shipment, you will receive quickness, precision and accuracy with notification for the situation of the automobiles during the freighting of your shipment. The automobile fleer is totally renovated, the cars have permanent GPS control for tracing and obligatory insurance “Liability of carrier”

Except the conventional freight transport we offer solutions for transport of IT technics, GSM devices, works of art, exhibits, personal belonging and others.

The company has warehouse base in the city of Pleven and own offices in the cities of Pleven and Rousse.

The company offers additional services: loading operations, storage, palletizing, making of strip- iron, additional cargo insurance.


Pratka.bg is a part of GIS Ltd. structure. For more information and questions please visit our site.