GIS Ltd offers of its customers a group and express transports in and outside EU.

Professional drivers of the company, GPS equipment and knowledge of the roads in EU are guaranty for express 48 hours deliveries inside EU.

The transport network which is well developed, secures express and group freight from Friday to Tuesday every week for the countries Germany and Benelux.

GIS Ltd offers every week service by the following destinations:

Bulgaria- Germany- Bulgaria. The line serves Slovakia and Czech Republic.
Bulgaria- Benelux- Bulgaria
Bulgaria- Italy- Bulgaria. The line serves Slovenia

Regular lines

Bulgaria- Denmark- Sweden- Bulgaria
Bulgaria- England- Bulgaria
Bulgaria- Hrvatska- Bulgaria

Departure of group automobiles: Every Friday from Bulgaria. Delivery: Monday, Tuesday, import deliveries: every Monday.
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In the last few years GIS Ltd. wins recognition on the market for its express services.
The renovated automobile fleet, the experience and the team formed with years of hard work are in the basis of effective and fast service. The transit times inside EU are reduced to 48 hours.
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Exemplary routes:

Pleven- Budapest- Maribor- Milan

Distance: 1909km
Duration of travelling: 32 hours*

Sofia- Bratislava- Prague- Frankfurt- Cologne- Rotterdam- Brussels

Distance: 2416km
Duration of travelling: 40 hours*

*The duration of travelling is calculated on the basis of perfect road and weather conditions.

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